Kim Bum and Kim Byul k-i-s-s-e-d

Kim Bum

Kim Bum and Kim Byul

Before you guys go on a hunting spree on Kim Byul, no, the actors are not officially dating.

In fact, this are just snapshots from their upcoming movie, Emergency aka Bi Sang.  Emergency/ Bi Sang is a sad love story between two young people, Shi Bum and Soo Kyung . Kim Bum played Shi Bum who for love aspires to become the best actor while Kim Byul’s character Soo Kyung came from an unhappy family background who has a hurting yet pure soul.

The film started shooting last month and with the release of the kiss scene, the movie is being met with greater anticipation. The kiss scene was filmed in the sandy white beaches of Busan and is the first moment where Shi Bum and Soo Kyung affirm their feelings for each other. To portray their pure but ardent love, even during their break time, they discussed the technicalities of the scene, trying to perfect it.

Having shown his charisma through East of Eden and Boys Over Flowers, Kim Bum plans to continue his role as an adolescent icon as his character is one who is willing to throw away everything for the sake of one girl. Emergency plans to release later this year and is expecting a Beat (Jung Woo Sung’s film from the 90s)-like syndrome.

Can’t wait watching this movie and to those who are interested in watching the movie, don’t forget to buy lots and lots of tissue boxes.

Source from AllKpop.

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