Nick Khun, it’s your birthday!

Image from Kpculture

Image from Kpculture

2PM Thai hottie just turn 21 (or 22 in Korea) yesterday.

How did he celebrate his birthday? By having your fans decorated the JYPE office in Seoul on June 23rd ( Oh, he’s a cancer guy). They waited patiently for Nick’s arrival to sang him a love Birthday song. and if they’re lucky, sneak a chance for a sexy sleepover with THE MAN himself as it is revealed that Nick Khun had pulled an all-nighter just to read all of his birthday messages from fans. How sweet is that?!

Anyway, Nick Khun..If you probably stumbled upon this blog ( which has the probability of it being 1 : 1,000,000 ) I wanna wished you a Happy Rockin’ 2PM Birthday!


4 thoughts on “Nick Khun, it’s your birthday!

  1. its your birthday today youre older then yesterday all youre friends are coming over to play and we all sing happy birthday. We jump on the jumping castle, we play pass the pastle……..Jelly and Ice-cream and fairy bread, a party hat to put on youre head

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