The Wonder Girls touring with The Jonas Brothers

The Wonder girls

It’s good to be wonder girls.

The wonder girls will be touring with the JoBros on their upcoming 53-city tourThe girls will be featured in 13 concerts and 7 locations,  starting with Portland, Oregon on June 27th and ends in Atlanta on August 22. They will also be releasing their English version of the hit tune Nobody (which even Perez Hilton once mentioned it on his website) on the 27th of June.

The Jonas Brother

Okay, back to my first sentences. Why it’s good to be Wonder Girls?

Gosh, I don’t know. I guess maybe because that they’re new and foreign to the Americans, a practical ‘nobody’ to them and you think that they won’t make it big there (I know this may sound pessimistic a bit and it made it like I hate them which I don’t. I think WG is better than SNSD song-wise.) but then this things happen. First, Perez Hilton loves it which is a rare ’cause Asian stars did not get as much love in the US and the second, they’re  on tour with the JoBros as their opening act. The latter part made me in awed with WG because for a budding new artist thats trying to make it big in America like them, they’ve managed to land a part in being the opening act for the Jonas Brothers (who are the Next Big Teen Sensations since New Kids On the Block) in a short span of time.

The third and the last part is that other than Perez, the Wonder Girls even managed to make a fan out of Papa J, The JoBros dad and because daddy become so enamored by them, he quickly lands them their biggest deal to date by asking them to join the Jonas Brothers Summer tour.

All I can say is Good Luck for them and hope They Make It Big In The US!

Are you excited as me for The Wonder Girls landing their part on The JoBros Summer tour?

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7 thoughts on “The Wonder Girls touring with The Jonas Brothers


  2. adorro vcs jonas vc saotudo na vida de nos fas bjusssssss d fã n1 Franci ai 2 Dailana e 3 Jesica fas pra senpre..bjussssssssssssssssssssss

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