Hello readers!

Oh gosh, it’s been a week since I last post something on this blog. Life been pretty hectic as I am officially now a freshman at University. The post will be lesser from now on but as you guys have been so supportive of my blog, I will try to update my blog as daily as possible. Without you guys, my blog would never exist.
Anywho, I just came home after a dull week at the Uni. My roommates are fantastic and a bit weird but that’s what I want from a roommate. No pretences and free. The room, even though it’s small (which I was completely flabbergasted to it with its very small compartments and a locker for a wardrobe), 8 people in the room is so not fine but after a while I can cope with it and I love it. It just makes us closer and now, we’re relatively like a family. Okay that aside, the fact that it’s dull there is because a)the food’s at our dorm’s cafe is thumbs down and some of the workers there are so rude. b) Our hostel is the fartest to the faculty and it takes us about 20 effing minutes to get there. No bus for us too.
C) The local students didn’t get any special priviledges like the international students such as exciting activities like going on a KL Tour. Do we get any exciting activities? Well, the only activities we got are just a bunch of exams and a medical check-up. Pff.
C) Our University do have wenches there. That’s what I discovered when me and my roommates tried to watch some TV at the TV room.
Well, that’s it I guess. I try to update you guys with the latest entertainment news. 😉


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