2pm will continue without Jaebum


Yes, it is official guys and this came out straight from JYP himself. The 10 out of 10 boys will move on without their leader, Jaebum.

According to JYP statement on his homepage, he did not try to stop Jaebum from quitting and that Jaebum did not entirely waste his 4 years of training due to this event.

The producers also added that Jaebum continues to believe that he was in the wrong and because of that fact, he cannot be part of 2PM. Also, with all the blood and sweat invested to make 2PM successful, Jaebum did not want the remaining 6 members to stop because of him. And that was also the very reason why he left the country so suddenly.

JYP also apologised as he could not protect the boys more and  he will make sure that this kind of things will not happen again in the future.

Sad. Just sad. How acceptable am I going to be with this ‘new’ 2pm? Better yet, how are you guys going to react with this change?


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