A long Hiatus

Picture courtesy of Tumblr and Internet

This is not my picture. I just took this from google image, most probably from Tumblr. Now, please don’t sue me.


Hello and how do you do guys??

Its been a long time since I’ve update anything in the blog (how long has it been? has it been >4.5 years already?) and after not blogging for a long time, writing this post has been a hardship. I mean, I’ve been staring at my screen for the past 20 minutes or so thinking about what to write. Anywho, after typing some gibberish stuffs in an attempt to look busy, I’ve just realized how much I miss writing. > 4 and a half years of not updating my blog has made me somewhat of a spaz in writing especially in doing assignments and compared to that time when I was active with this blog, I was really flourished with ideas and inspirations and writing would just be a breeze. Sigh, #yearning old times. Haa.


Okay, I’m not sure if I will actively update this blog because a) my commitment as a final year undergraduate student b) my procrastination tendency c) similar with b) but more raw and honest: plain laziness! but I will try to update this at least with a one or two posts in a month. So, #Prayfornatnatblog.


As an apology for the long hiatus, please accept this token of truce.


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