Nat Nat

I am a _ year old Malaysian girl who are of Minangkabau descent. Born and raised in Brunei Darussalam, i have just moved back to Malaysia this year and are trying to adapt to this new environment i now called home.

I am interested in the Asian entertainment scene particularly Korea and also the Latest in Hollywood goss. I am interested in learning other people’s country and learning new languages. I am particularly interested in Japan and would one day visit it.

My blog is basically capturing the daily chronicles of my life and i my interest on the entertainment scene, be it on the latest music, movies, shows and lanterns


2 thoughts on “Nat Nat

  1. Natrah! I accidentally…rather FATEFULLY found your blog~~ :’) I LOVE IT! anything that has TONS of KOREAN INFOTAINMENTS is where I’ll find my tranquil happiness~~ hahaha! atu over~ but yea~ and your page on LEE MIN HO!! aha~~~ I’m so having fun here! hehehe~ so yea~ NEVER BE LAZY TO UPDATE ^_^

    P/S: Due to me usually being denial of my ‘karak-ness’ to Korean thingies nowadays, I don’t want to disclose my name. BUT You actually do know me from school (particularly MD [socio] where we were in the same class and I sat at the back. Figure me out through my initials XD

    • I know you quite well. Hmm, let’s’s a girl with a name that rhymes with Fai (haha, I’m nothing disclosing your full name here in know, for privacy sake).
      Glad that you’re enjoying my blog. Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to do lately..stop being lazy and update daily for damn sake but you know me..procrastination is my middle name.
      Thank you for enjoying my blog Fai! =)
      I’ll try to update any juicy gossips here..

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